Hornby Island
Posted by Helen | 29/07/2015 | Wednesday Weekly

How's the week treating you lovely folks?  I hope the weather is a nice where you are as it is in Vancouver!  Sam and I are gearing up to go on holiday next week to Hornby island here in BC.  It is a cherished family vacation spot that I have been going to every summer for the last 20 years. I like to think of it as a second new year of sorts, I get all inspired to make positive changes and i'll get loads of time to process all my ideas for the blog. Here's a shot from a past...

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Gertie's Sultry Sheath by Helen's Closet
Posted by Helen | 24/07/2015 | My Makes

If you don't already have Gertie's New Book for Better Sewing and you are at all interested in vintage silhouettes, I highly recommend you pick up a copy.  I was gifted this book a few years back and it has the most beautiful vintage inspired patterns in it.  When I have those moments where I don't feel like sewing I always pick up this book and read a few chapters of Gertie's enthusiastic instructions and tips for sewing with vintage techniques.  It is all I need to get excited to sew again!  I have admittedly only made two of the...

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Sewaholic Granville Shirt by Helen's Closet
Posted by Helen | 17/07/2015 | My Makes

Button up shirts have always intimidated me.  I think its because they have to fit so nicely from top to bottom, not like a skirt or dress that can flare out and away from the body.  There's also the added intimidation factor from the collar and those buttons!  One day I will look at a pattern with buttons and not think "oh no...", perhaps that day will come when I have a more modern machine that can do buttonholes nice and smoothly, no problem.  I love my machine, but my buttonhole attachment is a little wonky.  Sometimes it makes beautiful buttonholes...and sometimes...

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Sewaholic Hollyburn Skirt by Helen's Closet
Posted by Helen | 10/07/2015 | My Makes

Hello summer people!  Sam and I recently got back from a small road trip to visit family in the west Kootenays of British Columbia.  We had a blast on our journey and I was able to snap some shots of my first Sewaholic Hollyburn!    I have always been taken with this skirt, but it wasn't until I saw Rochelle's Arrows Hollyburn that I knew I had to make one.  Luckily the little sewing shop near my house, Spool of Thread, carries the Cotton and Steel fabrics and I was able to get the arrows fabric in blue! The arrows angle...

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Posted by Helen | 15/06/2015 | My Sewing Story

I have always loved clothes, and I am the first to admit that my collection is a bit unruly.  As a teenager my bedroom was always covered in a thick layer of garments and fabric, to the point where it would sometimes be difficult to open the door.  I have since learned the value of picking up after myself and I have been better about buying and keeping only the items I adore.  Recently I have fallen back into a long-time love of sewing, and I am excited to say that embarking on this 'new' adventure has already brought more joy than...

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