Wednesday Weekly
Posted by Helen | 19/08/2015 | Wednesday Weekly

One of the things I have noticed since starting this blog is that my sense of seasons has been shifted back two weeks. Like a lot of you sewers out there, I am planning my fall sewing projects and eyeing up flannels and wool at the fabric shop. Meanwhile it is still 26 degrees outside and I'm sweating in my little sewing room (aka my living room).  I'm very excited about fall, so it's not a bad thing to be dreaming of cooler days, but it's important to appreciate the warm weather days while they are here too!   News ...

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Helen's Closet Bombshell Swimsuit
Posted by Helen | 14/08/2015 | My Makes

We just returned from our week long vacation on Hornby Island here in BC!  I got the chance to wear my new Bombshell Swimsuit and DIY Beach Robe almost everyday, so my pre-trip sewing marathon was totally worth it.  Hornby is a beautiful island that is mostly surrounded by sandstone rock formations on the shores.  It also has its fair share of gorgeous smooth sandy beaches to frolic on as well.   My beach ensemble worked out great, I managed to avoid getting burned and the suit was ideal for swimming & exploring the shoreline. The Bombshell Closet Case Files is...

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Posted by Helen | 12/08/2015 | Wednesday Weekly

News In honour of indie pattern designers, Sewing Indie Month is back this September!  Today is the last day to grab the first bundle of patterns for as little as $3.80 per pattern!  I've got mine and am looking forward to bundle 2 as well.  In particular, I'm stoked for the Sutton Blouse, Cressida Skirt, Ultimate Trousers, and Saltbox top. Makes I am in love with Kelli's Trapeze Dress in Black Linen. Her style is always so effortlessly beautiful. Simple shapes and breezy fabrics are the way to go in the summer heat! Lindsay made a Xerea Dress out of a gorgeous...

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Pencil Skirt by Helen's Closet
Posted by Helen | 07/08/2015 | My Makes

What better print for a rainy summer day in Vancouver than a blue and green watercolour-esque floral?  I have to admit that is was exciting to don my tights and rain boots for a day, but I was happy when the sun came back too. This pencil is a shortened version of the pencil skirt pattern in Gertie’s new Book for Better Sewing.   I love the longer version of this skirt as well, but I cut up an old dress to make this so there wasn’t quite enough fabric.  Sadly, I didn’t take a picture of the dress before...

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Flamingo Flutter Top Helen's Closet
Posted by Helen | 31/07/2015 | My Makes

Since the heat wave hit Vancouver, I’ve been feeling a lack of loose fitting tank tops in my wardrobe. The kind of shirts that feel like you're not wearing a shirt, and are easy to throw on with any shorts.  This is a pattern I designed for myself for just this purpose.  I love the shorter length and the way it flows away from the body.  It also has nice thick, comfortable straps and a higher neckline, which is ideal for me because my chest burns easily in the sun.     I’m calling this the flutter top, here is...

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Hornby Island
Posted by Helen | 29/07/2015 | Wednesday Weekly

How's the week treating you lovely folks?  I hope the weather is a nice where you are as it is in Vancouver!  Sam and I are gearing up to go on holiday next week to Hornby island here in BC.  It is a cherished family vacation spot that I have been going to every summer for the last 20 years. I like to think of it as a second new year of sorts, I get all inspired to make positive changes and i'll get loads of time to process all my ideas for the blog. Here's a shot from a past...

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