Wednesday Weekly #22
Posted by Helen | 20/01/2016 | Wednesday Weekly

Hi makers!  January is flying by for me, I hope it has been a productive month so far for you as well.  I've been working on my first wardrobe architect (late to the party as always) and it has been a really cool experience so far, I think I've got a much clearer vision of what I'd like to make in 2016.  Of course my perception is a bit skewed due to the winter weather, I surely do no wear only tights and oversized sweaters all year long as my sketches indicate. Hoping my week in Mexico will clear some things up...

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Tessuti Mandy Boat Tee by Helen's Closet
Posted by Helen | 18/01/2016 | My Makes

I have been experimenting a lot with different fabrics and prints lately, but I also know my personal style and there is nothing I enjoy wearing more than a simple striped top. I was originally going to make this fabric into a long sleeved Lark tee, but I opted to try the Mandy Boat Tee from Tessuti patterns because of the looser fit.         The Mandy Boat tee is a very simple one-size-fits-all (or at least some) ¾ length sleeve knit top.  The pattern is free, which is awesome, and is very easy to assemble.   I usually cut...

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Wednesday Weekly #21
Posted by Helen | 13/01/2016 | Wednesday Weekly

It's so exciting to see everyone getting into the swing of sewing after a break over the Holidays (for some).  Some of you went and made us all look bad by sewing up amazing handmade gifts for everyone you know!  Seriously though, it's good to be back, right?  I've been on a sewing roll lately and I am excited about my upcoming vacation to Mexico! I get the excuse to make summer clothes in the winter time, It's awesome. News Closet Case Files has released a Ginger Jeans expansion so you can turn your beloved Gingers into flares!  The 70's look is...

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Closet Case Files Carolyn Pajama Shorts by Helen's Closet
Posted by Helen | 11/01/2016 | My Makes

Since Gillian and Katie are encouraging us to up our indoor photoshoot game this month, I figured what better project to shoot than pajamas!  These are the Carolyn Pajama Shorts from Closet Case Files, paired with my Grainline Studio Lark tee for a seriously comfortable getup.  I have never been pleased with my past attempts at indoor photos but with Katie's tips I was able to make some progress.       To take these pics, I had to push my dining room table/sewing table out of the way.  We have a serious lack of clear walls in our small apartment so it was tricky to find...

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Wednesday Weekly Helen's Closet
Posted by Helen | 06/01/2016 | Wednesday Weekly

Welcome back to the Wednesday Weekly, everyone!  I took a bit of a hiatus over the holidays, but the weekly is back in full force and I am excited to share some of the amazing first sewing projects of the year with you!  Kudos to everyone for all the makes over the Holidays too, I saw some gorgeous party frocks and lovely handmade gifts, not to mention all the awesome 2015 recap posts, I love it. News Voting is open for the best sewing blogs of 2015 over on Madalynne!  I enjoy this contest because I often get to discover new...

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Sew Over It Ultimate Trousers by Helen's Closet
Posted by Helen | 04/01/2016 | My Makes

Woo hoo, first post of the new year!  I wanted to start this year off with a bang, so I decided to use some crazy stretch cotton I had in my stash to make some crazy pants!  This also coincides well with my new years goal of using more fabric from my stash instead of buying more #thestruggleisreal.  These are the Ultimate Trousers from Sew Over It, a simple pattern that yields great results.  The pattern is just front and back pieces with a waistband facing and a side zip, making this a quick and fun sew.       I decided...

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