Wednesday Weekly Helen's Closet
Posted by Helen | 25/05/2016 | Wednesday Weekly

Thank you so much to everyone who applied to be a Winslow Culottes tester yesterday!  I apologize for not leaving the testing application up longer, but I received quite a large number of applications and I don’t want to have to leave anyone out.  I am doing first come, first serve to be as fair as possible, so if you got an application in you can consider yourself testing! I will send out more details soon.   I am so, so grateful to this supportive community for helping me achieve this goal!  Now...on to the news 🙂 Clockwise From Top Left:...

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Winslow Culottes Sewing Pattern by Helen's Closet
Posted by Helen | 24/05/2016 | Pattern News

Would you like to pattern test for Helen’s Closet?  I am thrilled to be ready for testers of my first apparel pattern, I need your help making sure it is up to snuff!  Without further ado, I present to you the Winslow Culottes!   The Winslow Culottes are the perfect addition to your spring and summer wardrobe.  They are easy to style, effortlessly chic, and can be made at any length. Instructions for shorts, just above the knee, midi-culottes, and palazzo pants are included, but you can choose any length you want and make them your own!   The Winslow Culottes have a...

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Itch to Stitch Mila Shirt by Helen's Closet
Posted by Helen | 23/05/2016 | Selfless Sewing

A little selfless sewing here on the blog today, and my mother has graciously allowed me to snap her picture in her new Mila Shirt!  Sure, it is hard to say 'no' to being a model after somebody gives you a handmade garment, but I don't like to think of it as coercion, it’s just a perk, right?  She loves her new shirt and I really enjoyed making it for her. Happy Birthday, mom! I picked up the Mila Shirt Pattern as part of the Indie Sew winter mini collection.  All three patterns included were fantastic, and I am excited...

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Me Made May Helen's Closet
Posted by Helen | 21/05/2016 | Me Made May

Me Made May week three is over and it was a true success! I'm pleased with my me-made outfits, but I'm most excited about the work I got done on my upcoming pattern, the Winslow Culottes!  Check them out in the last photo of this week.  I also had the absolute pleasure of hanging out with Caroline from Blackbird Fabrics this week, we had a blast cutting out projects at Spool of Thread and nerding out about sewing and fabrics.  Yay for new sewing friends!  If you are friend-crushing on somebody in the sewing community, you should reach out! Good things can...

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Wednesday Weekly Helens Closet
Posted by Helen | 18/05/2016 | Wednesday Weekly

It's been a busy week!  So many great pattern releases and makes.  I love seeing all the fun and flirty prints being used for spring, I just can't resist a good print!  I'm working hard on my culottes pattern, expect a call for testers soon!  I can't wait to share it with you all, it is literally all I think about these days, in a good way 🙂 News Grainline Studio released the Willow tank-top & dress, an excellent addition to their wardrobe building block-style patterns. Megan Nielsen released the Axel skirt, a simple design with many lovely details to choose...

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Sew DIY maxi Nita Wrap Skirt by Helens Closet
Posted by Helen | 16/05/2016 | Into My Closet

I had the pleasure of pattern testing the Nita Wrap Skirt for Beth from Sew DIY a while back, and I love my test version.  I wear it all the time because it is easy to put on (yupp, that actually factors in some mornings, #lazybones), and I love the a-line shape.  When I gave pattern feedback, I said I was unsure if I would ever make the maxi skirt variation because I didn’t think it was ‘me’.  I stand corrected!  I decided to go out of my comfort zone and I am very pleased with the results. This Nita...

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