Tiger Reeta Shirtdress

Tiger Reeta Shirtdress

Posted by Helen | May 20, 2019 | My Makes
Sleeveless Reeta Shirtdress in Workroom Social Tiger Fabric

Today I have a very cool project to share, and I am not even going to pretend to be chill about it. My dress has freakin’ tigers on it!! Not only that, but this fabric was designed and brought to life by two friends of mine in the sewing community. Read on to learn more!

Sleeveless Reeta Shirtdress in Workroom Social Tiger Fabric

This project began when Jenny from Workroom Social asked if I would like to help spread the word about their latest fabric collection. I was SO thrilled to be included because I love Jenny and the Workroom Social fabrics are sooooooo gorgeous. They are seriously yummy. The fabric line is all beautiful rayon prints that are perfect for fashion. The fabric base is heavier than a challis and it sews up so nicely. How could I resist?

Sleeveless Reeta Shirtdress in Workroom Social Tiger Fabric

Sleeveless Reeta Shirtdress in Workroom Social Tiger Fabric

It was hard to choose a print from the collection but these tigers are truly a showstopper. This print was designed by Kelli Ward from True Bias! She really nailed the vintage-vibe of this print while still keeping it modern and very cool. Thistiger fabric is currently sold out, but they might be re-stocking it one day, fingers crossed. I encourage you to check out the other prints still available as they are all gorgeous.

Sleeveless Reeta Shirtdress in Workroom Social Tiger Fabric
Sleeveless Reeta Shirtdress in Workroom Social Tiger Fabric

Now, on to the dress. I knew I wanted a simple dress to highlight this print. I made the Reeta Shirtdress from Named a couple of summers ago and I had been thinking about making a sleeveless version. This felt like a good combo thanks to the simplicity of the shirtdress – no waist seam, no front placket, no collar stand, and I could eliminate the drawstring.

Sleeveless Reeta Shirtdress in Workroom Social Tiger Fabric
Sleeveless Reeta Shirtdress in Workroom Social Tiger Fabric

In order to ensure a good fit in the sleeveless armhole, I moved the bottom of the armscye up and the top of the armscye in towards the neck slightly. If I were to make this again, I would move the top of the armscye in even more. I finished the armholes with bias facing.

Sleeveless Reeta Shirtdress in Workroom Social Tiger Fabric

Cutting out this project took FOREVER. I obsessed over every seam and how I could make the tiger print look the best it could look. I knew I wanted a seamless front seam and pockets, so that was my priority. I changed the pocket design to a flat pocket. I was working with less fabric than required by the pattern, so I ended up shortening the dress and cutting the facings out of multiple pieces. Make it work! I only had the tiniest scraps left after cutting this project out, which is always very satisfying. I am really proud of the pattern matching I accomplished here. It is some of my best ever!

Sleeveless Reeta Shirtdress in Workroom Social Tiger Fabric
Sleeveless Reeta Shirtdress in Workroom Social Tiger Fabric
Sleeveless Reeta Shirtdress in Workroom Social Tiger Fabric

This is such a great dress for going out for dinner or drinks, or even wearing open and layering over jeans and a tank top. I have been getting lots of wear out of this and every time I take it out, it gets a lot of attention. I mean, there are tigers, so no surprise there 🙂

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Your pattern matching is amazing! Especially since you said you had limited fabric. And the top stitching is a nice detail, especially since your wouldn’t have seen the pockets otherwise!

Thank you so much Kristin! I forgot to talk about the top-stitching, but you totally hit the nail on the head! The pockets would have been nearly invisible without it 🙂

INCREDIBLE! Your pattern matching is truly mind blowing. You look fantastic <3

Thanks Rosie!

Helen, I’ve have been following you on your blog and the podcast for a while, and I always love your sews. But this one is my most favorite ever. I cannot BELIEVE how you matched the tigers down the front! You look lovely in this dress. It is a work of art.

Thank you Jennifer!

Wow what a great dress. Pattern matching, pattern changes, fabric match everything has come together to make a dress that looks fabulous. You are rocking the whole vibe. You look really comfortable and confident in it.

Thanks so much Rebecca!

Stunning, the fabric and your dress are brilliant! Well done!

Oh my gosh, Helen, this is so fabulous! You did such a great job matching the pattern and it looks great on you. I can totally relate to your fabric design placement and yardage limitation challenges. I just made a sleeveless sorbetto top from a man’s shirt (which I bought because it matched some dragon pants) and I had to make the bias trim by cutting the sleeves I didn’t use into strips!

I love seeing new to me patterns from new to me companies.

That matching of the tigers in the front…I’m in awe!! <3

I know everyone else is saying this, and I have to say it, too: your pattern matching on the front is SO GOOD! You really did justice to that cool print. It looks great.

This is next level fabulousness. That print matching is superb! Xx

Fabulous! Amazing pattern matching! The dress you are wearing is nothing like the pattern drawing yours is much better .

Love the tigers!

RAWR!!! Beautiful garment!

Wow. The pattern matching is amazing. And I love the Rita hack.

Incredible matching of tigers. Even the collar in the back! LOVE it! You look great in it!

Great eye for the simplicity of the dress to showcase the fabric…. The yellow stitches on the pocket brings it all together. I love it when a garment I make suddenly and unexpectedly turns into an art piece. Are you looking for tiger earrings now…I actually had a pair exactly the same pose. But Alas lost one somewhere and then the other…. If you’re in thrift stores check out the jewelry counters.

That is some master pattern matching! Fabulous dress! I sure hope that fabric gets re=released.

You look beautiful in that dress. I love it. Your sewing is beyond expert. Thank you for sharing your photo.

You look amazing in that dress. I love the hack, I got the book as a present and was struggling to see how I would wear any of the clothes but you’ve inspired me to take another look and use my i.animation a bit more. Your pattern matching is amazing. Any tips you can give in one of your podcasts would be very much appreciated.

Your dress looks amazing! What brilliant pattern matching.

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