Wednesday Weekly #154

Wednesday Weekly #154

Posted by Helen | January 16, 2019 | Wednesday Weekly

Happy Wednesday, makers! There has been a lot of discussion about inclusivity, racism, diversity, and prejudice in the knitting and sewing world this week, and I have been listening. It has been eye-opening and heartbreaking to hear stories from makers in our community about discrimination and exclusion.

Thank you to all who have shared and used their voices and platforms to help us grow. To help us understand one another. To help us recognize our own faults and shortcomings. To help us do better. It is unfair to burden BIPOC with the responsibility of educating others, but many are doing it anyways and I am thankful. I also appreciated this piece from Felicia Semple about this week and will be following up on resources mentioned by her and @thecolormustard, @su.krita, @astitchtowear and @ocean_bythesea. Watch their stories and read their posts. Also these resources from Rachel Cargle.  I have a lot of listening and learning to do and I hope others will join me.

News (clockwise from top left)

Orangeuse released their latest collection, Écorce, including the Londres Trench Coat featured above.

Megan Nielsen released a free overalls add-on to the Flint trousers.

Workroom Social released their latest fabric collections, Bantam and Castalia.

Republique Du Chiffon released their fall/winter 2019 collection a little while back and they are talking about it in a recent blog post.

There is a new digital sewing magazine for menswear! Check out Bartack – it is free to read online.

Community Events

Want to inject some more vibrant colours into your wardrobe? Check out #brightsewing! Sew something brightly coloured between now and the end of January to participate.

Join @naturaldane and @onesewsweet in celebrating #BHMPatternDesigners. It stands for Black History Month Pattern Designers and this challenge is dedicated to African American Pattern Designers during the month of February.


Katie Kortman blew me away with these cool patchwork Winslow Culottes.

Petite Republic made a very neat convertible red coat.

I love this colour-blocked mens hoodie from Vervliest und Zugenaeht.

Ladulsatina made a pretty green Orchid Dress.

Check out the sleeve detail on this top from Sew Ve Style.

Fadanista is sewing some awesome shirts over on her blog this week!

I want this jumpsuit from Jassalli Sewing SO BADLY.

Made by Laquana made a great tie-front Montrose top.

Not a Primary Color has jumped on the Persephone Pants bandwagon.

I love the print placement on this Bondi Dress from I Sew Therefore I Am.

How could I not mention this coat to end all coatmaking from Heather Lou. Seriously amazing.


Read this piece from Pomegranates and Pieces if you are interested in sewing for others or sewing for a living. Know your worth.

We All Sew shows us how to do speedy binding for a quilt or pillow with an overlocker.

The Sewcialists is looking at how menswear patterns differ from womenswear designs. Maybe womenswear patterns will fit your body better! Intriguing!

SBCC shares the one pattern adjustment we are all doing wrong.

On the Podcast

Want to sew menswear for yourself or a loved one? We talk about some differences between classic womenswear and menswear, where to get started, and how to approach sewing for a loved one. Plus pattern ideas and tips for success with sewing menswear! Listen here.

Blog Comments

Helen – I read your weekly round up every week and this is the very first week that I’ve felt like it encompasses all corners of the sewing community. Not just the popular or sewists whose fashion sense is similar to your own but a true attempt to reach across the community and highlight many different types of sewists. You did good and keep it up!

Oh and you might want to add the Celebrating Black History Month Challenge sponsored by @onesewsweet and @naturaldane as a Community Event.

Thank you, Carolyn! That challenge is a great suggestion – I have added it now. Thanks for reading the WW!

Oh wow! Thanks for the feature of my tailoring post! So glad others get to see it too!

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