Tencel Suki Kimono Jacket 2

Tencel Suki Kimono Jacket 2

Posted by Helen | June 21, 2018 | My Makes, Suki Kimono
Tencel Suki Kimono Jacket

This is the second tencel Suki Kimono jacket that I have to share with you this week (you can see the first one here). Both of these cover-ups have come in so handy when I need to dress up a casual summer outfit. Just throw on a Suki jacket and you are good to go!


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Tencel Suki Kimono JacketTencel Suki Kimono Jacket Tencel Suki Kimono Jacket

This Suki has a few modifications including:

This version also has the band extending only partially down the front of the kimono. This is easy to achieve and you can make this band as long or as short as you like! Simply follow the alternative band method and cut it wherever you think it looks nice. Then turn under the remaining front of the kimono and sew it down flat.

Tencel Suki Kimono Jacket Tencel Suki Kimono JacketTencel Suki Kimono Jacket

This Suki has a couple other mods including a raw hem and a side slit. The raw hem is achieved by cutting the bottom of the front and back pieces straight (perpendicular to the grainline) and sewing a line of stitching about 1/2″ up from the edge. Then you can fray the edge by pulling out the threads until you like the look!

Tencel Suki Kimono Jacket

The side slit and raw hem go hand in hand. Because you cut the bottom of the kimono straight, your front and back will not meet up nicely at the side anymore. Adding a simple side slit is a good way to camouflage this. It is also an opportunity to do a high-low hem as well. Press your side seam open and sew down the seam allowance along the side slit.

Tencel Suki Kimono JacketTencel Suki Kimono Jacket Tencel Suki Kimono JacketTencel Suki Kimono Jacket

I love pairing this short Suki hack with skirts, jeans, and dresses! Depending on the styling it can look casual or fancy, and it adds a unique touch to any outfit.


Get the Suki Kimono Pattern


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Blog Comments

I love this front band hack!

Yay! Thanks so much!

This looks soooo structurally interesting, thanks for the inspiration. It somehow looks both architectural and fluid at the same time (yeah, like that makes any sense). And the tencel you’ve used for this (and for your last one) just look out of this world 🙂 Wish we could access the same fabrics you lucky North Americans get over here in Europe!!

Thank you, Beck! I hope the tencel twill craze makes it over to Europe soon, too!

That material is a beautiful colour! What a gorgeous outfit!

Comfy, breezy, and a beautiful color. I love lightweight summer layers (I like feeling covered and flowy is always a plus in my book). Sadly in New England we’re being squashed by a heatwave so just being legally clothed is difficult enough. : (

love both of them. I am still a beginner so it is hard for me to adapt patterns to make them in bigger sizes otherwise I would get it 🙂

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