Tencel Suki Kimono Jacket 1

Tencel Suki Kimono Jacket 1

Posted by Helen | June 19, 2018 | My Makes, Suki Kimono
Tencel Suki Kimono Jacket

This week I have two Tencel Suki Kimono hacks to share with you! I love this pattern for at home lounging AND for everyday glamour so I wanted to show you my ‘jacket’ versions.


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Tencel Suki Kimono JacketTencel Suki Kimono Jacket Tencel Suki Kimono JacketTencel Suki Kimono JacketTencel Suki Kimono Jacket

This Suki is the shorter length of the pattern and I have also made the alternative front band and straightened out the front of the pattern. These two hacks give the Suki a more outdoor-appropriate vibe. I also left off the pockets and inner ties as well as creating one long back tie instead of anchoring it to the kimono back. All of these little details help to make the kimono seam more jacket-like and they also speed up your sewing (win-win!)

Tencel Suki Kimono JacketTencel Suki Kimono JacketTencel Suki Kimono Jacket

The last mod I made to this version is to sew the outer ties on after the Suki has been constructed. I sewed them on flat so they don’t stick out as loops like in the original design.

Tencel Suki Kimono Jacket Tencel Suki Kimono JacketTencel Suki Kimono Jacket

You can wear this hack open and flowy or you can tie it behind your back for a fitted silhouette. I like the tied back look from behind as it shows off my curves and feels very chic. Tencel twill is a great choice for a Suki Jacket because it has lots of drape and quite a bit of weight. It just feels polished and stylish and it comes in so many great colours! This one is auburn from Blackbird Fabrics.

Tencel Suki Kimono JacketTencel Suki Kimono Jacket

I find this Suki jacket is the perfect cover up for a casual outfit when I am in a rush or don’t want to change out of my t-shirt and jeans. Throw this on and you look instantly put together!

Later this week I will share my short tencel Suki that has a couple more modifications. Let me know if you have questions about this Suki jacket!


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That color is just gorgeous on you! You made a lovely kimono!

Thanks so much Vanessa!

[…] already have plans for another one.  I don’t need another robe, but I would love both the jacket version and the hip-length coverup.  They’d each fill a hole in my wardrobe and would give me an […]

[…] is the second tencel Suki Kimono jacket that I have to share with you this week (you can see the first one here). Both of these cover-ups have come in so handy when I need to dress up a casual summer outfit. […]

This is *beautiful.* I’m so glad you made and shared it, because I hadn’t considered it as outerwear at all before seeing this, and now I’m like I NEED THIS IN MY LIFE!! <3

Love, love this versatile kimono, and what a gorgeous color. You are so talented and creative, great inspiration for me, just getting back into sewing after a too-long break. The temperature here in Arizona being in the 100s every day this is on my list for the next season change. Thanks so much for sharing your art.

[…] will make this again. My mum deserves one and I have a loose plan of following the hack to make it as a jacket. Helen looks so chic in hers, and the fabric is just divine! But this make goes down as one […]

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