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Suki Sewalong Schedule

Are you excited to join me in sewing Suki this month? The Suki Robe is the pattern of the month for the #sewmystyle challenge and I am really excited to make summer Sukis with you! This is just the kick in the pants I needed to get a sewalong on the blog for this pattern, and I hope you will follow along!

The Suki Sewalong Schedule:

We will be diving right into the sewing with this project, so take the next 2 days to get your project cut out! I will be sharing a tutorial tomorrow on altering the front band to avoid sewing the corner seam if you are interested in that. If you have questions about choosing a fabric or cutting out your Suki, you can email me directly at!

Tuesday, June 5th: An alternative front band (no corner seam)

Thursday, June 7th: Staystitching and interfacing

Friday, June 8th: Making the ties

Saturday, June 9th: Pockets, shoulders and sleeves

Monday, June 11th:  Cuffs (hidden seam method)

Tuesday, June 12th: Cuffs (exposed seam method)

Thursday, June 14th: Front band (hidden seam method)

Friday, June 15th: Front band (exposed seam method)

Saturday, June 16th: Hem and finish!

Get the Suki Robe Pattern

If you are playing catch-up on the Suki Sewalong, you can see all the posts in this series here.

I really look forward to making this pattern along with you and I can’t wait to see your Sukis this month! Please let me know if you have any questions!

Suki Kimono Sewalong

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8 Comments on “Suki Sewalong Schedule”

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  2. I’m so excited! I’ve been wanting to make the Suki for so long, but since I’m a relatively new sewist, I’ve been scared to mess up my gorgeous fabric. This is exactly what I needed to get over that little fear hump and just sew it.

  3. I’m starting to go through my fabric for this lovely kimono and I’m wondering what you think of using double brushed poly? Is the recommended fabric only wovens? I’m guessing a dbp will be too heavy but I have a very pretty cut I’m wondering about using!

    1. I think that the Suki would work well in a knit fabric, with the exception of the front corner seam. It is possible to sew this seam on a knit, but it would be much easier to extend the band down to the hem using the alternative method we cover in the sewalong 🙂

      1. Ok excellent! I look forward to trying it out then. I’ve already cut my toile using that alternate method in the sewalong so once I practice on that one, I’ll give my dbp a try. Thank you for the response!

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