Winslow Culottes Hack: Elastic Waist #2 – Adjusting the Rise

Winslow Culottes Hack: Elastic Waist #2 – Adjusting the Rise

Posted by Helen | April 20, 2018 | My Makes, Sewing Tutorials, Winslow Culottes
Winslow Culottes Elastic Waist

This is the second post in the Winslow Culottes hack series I am hosting this month. Earlier this week, I shared a simple elastic waist version of this pattern that is getting a ton of wear. Today I have a similar hack to share with a subtle detail, adjusting the rise.

You can grab the Winslow Culottes for 15% off using the code hackwinslow until the end of May, 2018.

Winslow Culottes Elastic WaistWinslow Culottes

The Winslow Culottes have a low crotch to help create a skirt illusion with those big box pleats. For the elastic waisted version, we have taken some width off of the sides (see the full tutorial for this here) and the crotch can be more noticeably low. Today we will adjust the rise to shorten the depth of that crotch curve. I recommend shortening it 0.5″ – 1.5″. I shortened mine 1.5″ for this version and took 4″ off the sides as opposed to the 3″ that I did on the pink version. It is a subtle difference and I really like both versions. The blue ones fit just a bit better with this rise adjustment.

FAQ: Can I adjust the rise on the Winslow Culottes if I am making the original pattern?
Yes you can! As the rise shortens, the individual pant legs become more defined. This tutorial works for both the original pattern and this elastic waist hack.

Winslow Culottes Elastic Waist

To adjust the rise, we first need to cut the front and back culotte pieces horizontally. Aim for the middle of the crotch curve when you cut.

 Winslow Culottes Elastic Waist

This simple hack can make a big difference! I love the higher crotch curve on this version and would do it again on future elastic waist hacks of this pattern.

Winslow Culottes Elastic WaistWinslow Culottes Elastic WaistWinslow Culottes Elastic Waist Winslow Culottes Elastic WaistWinslow Culottes Elastic Waist

Next up in this series, we have a wrap pant hack! I am having so much fun creating these hack versions and I hope you consider making some of them, too.

You can grab the Winslow Culottes for 15% off using the code hackwinslow until the end of May, 2018!

Winslow Culottes

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Very timely!!! I’ve been thinking how to get more wear out of the second pair of winslows I made (after I gave away the first!) last summer… and I’d been wondering if I’d wear themmore with a shorter rise! I’d been thinking of taking off the waistband and resewing it with an inch or two of height taken out… but now you’ve got me thinking that I might just love them more as elastic waist pants! Hmmmm… Hmmmm… thanks for getting me thinking!

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