Indie, Darling : Best Shorts Patterns

Indie, Darling : Best Shorts Patterns

Posted by Helen | June 2, 2017 | Indie Darling
Best Shorts Sewing Patterns

Best Shorts Sewing Patterns

Are you all ready for summer sewing!?  I have a bunch of fun sewing projects lined up to work on this month. Hopefully I can get some of them done before it gets too hot!  This indie sewing roundup is all about shorts patterns, and as always, if I missed any, let me know in the comments so I can add them in! I hope you all enjoy this roundup 🙂

Best Shorts Sewing Patterns
Alina Sewing & Design Co. Chitown Chinos


Best Shorts Sewing Patterns
Make Lemonade Carlotta


Best Shorts Sewing Patterns
Weston Shorts & Nantucket


Best Shorts Sewing Patterns
Deer & Doe  
Chantaigne & Goji Shorts


Best Shorts Sewing Patterns
True Bias Emerson Shorts


Best Shorts Sewing Patterns
Helen’s Closet Winslow Culottes


Greenstyle Creations Moxie Shorts


Best Shorts Sewing Patterns
Grainline Studio Maritime


Best Shorts Sewing Patterns
Greenstyle Creations Taylor Shorts


Best Shorts Sewing Patterns
Papercut Patterns Rite Of Spring Shorts


Best Shorts Sewing Patterns
Republique du Chiffon
Pierre Shorts & Alister Shorts


Best Shorts Sewing Patterns
Schnittchen Jessica Shorts


Best Shorts Sewing Patterns
Megan Nielsen 
Harper Shorts & Flint Shorts


Best Shorts Sewing Patterns
Itch to Stitch 
Belize & Angelia Shorts


Best Shorts Sewing Patterns
Sew Caroline 
Magnolia Shorts & Parkside Shorts


Best Shorts Sewing Patterns
Tessuti Esther Shorts


Best Shorts Sewing Patterns
Named Astrid Wrap Shorts


Best Shorts Sewing Patterns
Sewaholic Thurlow Shorts


Best Shorts Sewing Patterns
Blank Slate Oceanside Shorts


Best Shorts Sewing Patterns
Pattern Emporium Hepburn Shorts

Best Shorts Sewing Patterns
Fehr Trade Duathalon Shorts

Best Shorts Sewing Patterns
Jalie Vanessa Shorts


Best Shorts Sewing Patterns
Liesl and Co. Soho Shorts


Best Shorts Sewing Patterns
Colette Iris Shorts

Frida Shorts
Frida Shorts by Wardrobe By Me

Remember, if I missed your favorite pattern, let me know in the comments so I can add it to the list! Thanks for checking out this indie sewing pattern roundup! <3

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Sew Carolina has a new Parkside shorts pattern that looks fun too. Sew many choices!

Thanks, Jean! Ive got the Parkside in there with the Magnolia. It does look like a really great pattern!

I was just thinking I wanted to check out the shorts patterns out there and you’ve done all the work for me! Yippee! …I’ll likely work on the Emerson shorts first…and then maybe the Seamwork Nantucket…

Yay!! I love rounding up the patterns, it is so much fun!! I want to try them all, but I think I am going to start with the Weston because I cut out a muslin last summer and I never finished them – doh!

Great choice! I’m looking forward to seeing how they turn out.

Thank you for this round up! I was just thinking that I need to make some shorts for this summer and I need to start looking for more patterns 🙂 So timely! Thank you!

Your welcome, Anya! do you have any idea which ones you are going to try?

I just made the Liesl+Co. Soho shorts and I love them!

Those look so comfortable! Thanks for the reminder, I added them in 🙂

I have the Jalie gym shorts pattern on my list this summer – Jalie also has a pants and shorts pull on version that look pretty good too 🙂 – I hesitate to buy shorts patterns in general because really they are just short version of pants patterns don’t you think? I did get the Jalie gym shorts patterns because I’m fantasizing about using them for bottoms on a swimsuit. I bought a swimsuit a couple of months ago that has “boy legs” and I just love it so I was thinking as I wander into the whole world of making my own bathing suit if I couldn’t make these shorts the bottom half of the swimsuit?

When I was younger board shorts were all the rage! It makes so much sense as a bathing suit alternative. I’m sure you could make it work!

Fantastic post thank you! I think I might have to make some shorts!

Those look awesome! Thanks!

Great roundup Helen. I have Colette Patterns Iris Shorts on my radar. I think they’re cute. Unfortunately, I had a lot of issues with the one Colette pattern I’ve sewn and it left me negative about trying another. I feel bad about my negativity though…not every pattern is going to work for every body.

I hear you, Sue. It’s true that not every pattern will work for everyone. The Iris shorts are super cute, though! How did I miss those? Do you subscribe to seamwork? You can use your credits to get colette patterns too now 🙂

I actually thought the exact same thing about the Weston. Very cute, but I’m not sure I want to take the chance on the drafting from Colette. Maybe if I see some good makes on other blogs. On the other hand, the Esther from Tessuti also seemed up my ally. I laughed when I saw the Rite of Spring shorts, I can’t imagine that ever looking good on me. Thanks Helen for the terrific round up, I was just thinking I need a shorts pattern.

Pattern Emporium Hepburn shorts. Fab instructions and many options, plus they look great on.

Thanks! I have not heard of pattern emporium, I will check them out!

Great roundup of patterns. I really like my Fehr Trade Duathlon shorts and hope to make more this summer.

Ohhh, thanks, Tammy! I will add those in 🙂

Great roundup! I also like the look of Liesl & co new soho shorts pattern

Thanks, Nancy!

Much more comprehensive than my #wardrobebuilder ideas! I hadn’t come across the papercut patterns shorts before, or thought about shorts for a work out either. Thanks for the inspiration

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Love this round up! I have the Alina shorts and am planning to start them this weekend!

Oh man, I thought Megan Nielson had increased her size range. Those Flint shorts/pants look like they’d be perfect for work this summer. I guess I’ll make another pair of Winslow Culottes instead. 😉

hehehehe, please do! I agree though, the flint pants are super cute!

The Scalloped Hem Shorts from Pattern Runway are great. I’ve made several pairs.

[…] Helen’s Indie Shorts Pattern Roundup – Are you making shorts this summer? I am dying to, but haven’t gotten around to it. This roundup of all the indie short patterns will help make your decision a little bit easier (or convince you to make all of them!). […]

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