Spring/Summer 2017 Sewing Inspiration

Spring/Summer 2017 Sewing Inspiration

Posted by Helen | April 28, 2017 | Sewing Inspiration
Spring/Summer sewing 2017

Are you guys ready for Spring and Summer!? I have been thinking a lot about what I want to sew this season and I have to admit, I’m still in the overwhelmed by options and inspiration phase. You know, when you are seriously considering making 20 things in three months?  It’s an exciting time, but let’s be honest, eventually, we need to narrow it down a bit. I’ve broken down my inspiration into several sections, and I hope to make one or two things from each area so I can have a bit of everything! I hope you enjoy these inspiration pics, you can find them all (and more) on my Spring/Summer 2017 sewing inspiration board on Pinterest.

Spring/Summer sewing 2017

clockwise from top left:  one  /  tw0  /  three  /  four

Vertical Stripes

I am really crushing on vertical stripes for this season, they are so chic and simple. I love the classic button up and snagged this fabric from Blackbird to execute it ASAP.  The main thing here is to get a stripe bold enough to read as a stripe from a distance.  A very tight stripe will look like a neutral from far away.

Spring/Summer sewing 2017

above images clockwise from top left:  one  /  tw0  /  three  /  four  /  five  /  six


Boxy Linen Tops & Dresses

They don’t have to be linen, but let’s be honest, how gorgeous do all these fabrics look? I love the muted earth tones and the soft, casual vibe. On a hot day, you really can’t beat a linen sack dress – no clingy fabrics for summer!

Spring/Summer sewing 2017

above images clockwise from top left:  one  /  tw0  /  three  /  four  /  five  /  six



I remember when all my bell-bottomed jeans had flowers embroidered on them! As a kid in the 90’s, it was all the rage. I didn’t think I’d be wanting this trend to return, but the embroidered garments I have seen lately are so beautiful!  I love the idea of integrating the design into the garment, making it look less ‘stuck on’ and more intentional. Check out this post on getting started with embroidery stitches if you are interested in trying this!

Spring/Summer sewing 2017

above images clockwise from top left:  one  /  tw0  /  three  /  four  /  five  /  six



I am more on board with culottes then ever! They are just the best pants for warmer weather. Here are a few more vertical stripes and a jumpsuit option, too (Sallie jumpsuit, anyone?).  I made a pair of black tencel twill Winslow Culottes for the spring and they have been getting a ton of wear. Neutrals work well for culottes and tencel twill is the best!


above images clockwise from top left:  one  /  tw0  /  three  /  four  /  five


Midi Dresses and Skirts

Hide your knees, ladies, this season is all about the calf length dresses and skirts. I love this look and am so glad it is in style.  Midi dresses feel so comfortable and they protect super pale legs like mine from the sun! I’m thinking of making a long Brumby skirt, a Reeta Shirtdress, and a Highlands Wrap dress. 

Spring/Summer sewing 2017

above images clockwise from top left:  one  /  tw0  /  three  /  four  /  five  /  six


Pale Denim

Ahhh, summer denim! I love this light, vintage look. I have a pair of light wash skinny jeans so I am good on that front. I would love to make the new Alina Sewing & Design Co Hampton Jacket and the Closet Case Files Morgan Jeans.  If you want a little denim mini, look no further than the Nita Wrap Skirt or the Rosari Skirt.


above images clockwise from top left:  one  /  tw0  /  three  /  four  /  five


High-waisted Swimwear! 

Is there any other kind?  I know some people are not into the high waist (people with abs, lol). I, for one, am never going back. I am planning to use the free Noelle Bra pattern to make a high-neck top to go with Sophie or Dakota bottoms. 


above images clockwise from top left:  one  /  tw0  /  three  /  four  /  five



This Japanese dying technique is back this season in full force! Shibori everything! You can get some really unique looks with this technique, and knit shibori fabric is more commonly available.  I’ve got some dark blue/grey bamboo knit to make a Nettie dress with.

Spring/Summer sewing 2017

above images clockwise from top left:  one  /  tw0  /  three  /  four  /  five  /  six


Tapered Trousers

This look is so chic and comfortable. Pair these with simple flats and a basic button up shirt for the office or a tank top and sneakers for a summer stroll. If you want this look, you can try the Tierras Woven Joggers or the Guise Trousers.

Spring/Summer sewing 2017

above images clockwise from top left:  one  /  tw0  /  three  /  four  /  five


Fun Prints

I can’t resist a good print! Whatever your preference is, prints can really being a wardrobe to life. Here are some spring and summer prints I’m crushing on currently.

Spring/Summer sewing 2017

above images clockwise from top left:  one  /  tw0  /  three  /  four  /  five


I hope you enjoyed that inspiration post! I can’t wait to get started with my spring and summer sewing. What trends are you thinking of trying?

For even more inspiration, listen to Sara and Rachel chat about spring sewing trends on Maker Style!


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Love all your inspiration Helen and look forward to seeing what you make.

Love, love, LOVE all of your inspiration! I am totally feeling you on the embroidery stuff 100%! And I just cut out a bathing suit from a McCall’s pattern, which I botched once before already – If this fails again, I’ll have to take your Noelle Halter Bra inspo since I’ve successfully made one of those already. Thanks for sharing and happy sewing!

I’m totally feeling ya, lady! Tencel, culouttes, midi, light denim, and plans and fabric for way more projects than possible.

Thanks, Michelle! I hope you are able to narrow things down a bit, I am still struggling! AND making things that aren’t even on the list, lol, that doesn’t count, right?

Um…I might be drooling a little on my keyboard Helen. Love it all!

lol! thanks, Sue!

Love your inspiration and aesthetic here! My head is spinning with ideas and inspiration and I do need to narrow down also as I’ve finding it none productive!!

Great ideas. I would really like to try tencel twill at some point. I already have some lightweight denim/chambray that I’m saving for a dress (unless I change my mind–so much inspiration!). I love sewing for the season!

Thanks, Lisa! Tencel is great, if you get the chance, the ones from Blackbird Fabrics are soooooo nice. I know they are a bit pricey, but they don’t pill and are a dream to sew with. I hope your chambray dress goes well! 🙂

Love it all, even the culottes! It’s amazing how trends grow on you. Last summer I was so baffled by the culotte emergence, and now I’m starting to scope out patterns!

It is funny, isn’t it! Im so used to seeing culottes now that they look totally normal and not like….what is going on there?! haha.

I love, love, love your inspiration! We have very similar ideas 🙂 I am also digging all bold stripes, tencel and all kinds of trousers. I also snugged the same fabric from BBF, with the idea of making a cropped-ish shirt. I can not wait to see what you make!

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