Style Maker Fabrics Spring Tour

Style Maker Fabrics Spring Tour

Posted by Helen | March 25, 2017 | My Makes
Style Maker Fabrics Spring Tour

Style Maker Fabrics Spring Tour

I’m very excited to share a special post with you all today! I jumped at the chance to join in the Style Maker Fabrics spring tour when Michelle asked me because I have used her fabrics before and was very happy with the quality and service. Style Maker Fabrics is an American based fabric store with a huge selection of fabrics to suit all your sewing needs. Michelle is super sweet and helpful, which is always a bonus when you are shopping online for textiles! If you have any questions, she is always there to help.  I have used her fabrics in the past to make my beloved striped Lark tee and my striped Mandy Boat tee and they are both true favourites of mine. They get washed every week and are holding up really well to the wear and tear.

Michelle provided all the participants in the tour with free fabrics and shipping (bless her)! I chose two fabrics because I’m greedy like that, and I had originally planned to make a coordinating outfit with them, but in the end, I made two tops. What can I say, I have sewing ADD. I’ll be covering both makes in this post. 


Top #1 – True Bias Ogden Cami – Ruffle Peplum Hack

For this top, I chose a rayon crepe with these darling little dots on it. The fabric has a great drape and is nice and opaque. The black colour is rich and the dots are such a good size.  Rayon crepe is a great choice for tops, dresses, and skirts! 

True Bias Ogden CamiStyle Maker Fabrics Rayon
True Bias Ogden Cami

I decided to make myself an Ogden Cami with this fabric, but to add a little ruffle bottom! I followed Kelli’s instructions for making the dress hack, but shortened it to a top. I love the result! It is really fun and perfect for warmer weather (ironically it was about 3 degrees when I took these pics – brrrr!).

True Bias Ogden CamiTrue Bias Ogden CamiTrue Bias Ogden CamiTrue Bias Ogden Cami

The top half of the cami is fully lined with self-fabric and the ruffle bottom is just serged on, I didn’t bother with the stitch in the ditch here. It is not pressed up against my skin so It really doesn’t bother me to have the serged seam on the inside.

True Bias Ogden CamiTrue Bias Ogden Cami

I can’t wait to wear this with shorts in the summer! This is my second Ogden and I am loving this simple wardrobe basic.


Top #2 – Self Drafted knit box top

For my second spring top, I chose this great soft olive green shade which is a go-to colour for my wardrobe. This modal knit is INSANELY soft and buttery and delightful. Not only that, but it sewed and pressed really well and was not difficult to handle despite its slinky handfeel.

Knit Box TopKnit Box Top

I drafted this top a little while back as a simple, everyday option for wearing with jeans.  It has an oversized, boxy fit á la the Grainline Hemlock Tee or the Mandy Boat Tee, but the arms are finished with short, tight cuffs as opposed to longer sleeves. The drape is similar to the Closet Case Files Ebony, but the shoulders are dropped and it is much wider at the bust. I have 3 or 4 of these in my rotation now and I love them.  Let me know in the comments it this is a design you would be interested in making, too!

Knit Box TopKnit Box Top

The modal is a true joy to wear, it is like being snuggled by a pile of kittens, I kid you not. Michelle has this knit in several colours, including peach, navy, black, and mocha.

Knit Box TopKnit Box TopKnit Box Top

That’s all for my Style Maker Fabrics spring/summer tour post! I hope you enjoyed these two tops. Let me know if you have any questions about making your own ruffle bottomed Ogden cami or if you are interested in a pattern for the second knit top I am wearing. Be sure to check out all the beautiful fabrics available at Style Maker Fabrics!

Check out the rest of the Style Maker Fabrics tour line up! Deepika from Pattern Review is up tomorrow.

Style Maker Fabrics Spring Tour

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Blog Comments

You really know your own style; you look great in both of these xx

Thanks, Sarah! I love a good loose fitting top!

Lovely makes and I would totally be into making one of the boxy tops! I think I’d wear it work, oh, every day?

Thanks! I have been wearing this one a ton – it is so comfy! It’s great to know others are interested, thank you.

I love those swingy silhouettes on you!

Thank you, Diane!

I love both of your makes! I think we were on the same wavelength with the olive swingy crop tops – ha! I love your version and I would definitely be into making one.

Thanks Peggy! I love yours, too! We were definitely on the same track, and I almost made a skirt from that rayon crepe, too! That would have been pretty funny 🙂

Both are great, but I love the ruffle cami! The shape is perfect. I am planning a bunch of ogdens, might copy you on one of them 🙂

Thanks! The ruffle bottom is so much fun, definitely copy away!

I never would have thought of rayon crepe! I don’t know how it managed to fly under my radar since I’m such a huge fan of sewing on the bias (have you read Johanna Bramson and Susan Lenahan’s work, “Bias Cut Blueprints”? I am completely smitten with their work 🙂 They recommend crepe for working on the bias (think Madeleine Vionnet who is of course one of their primary inspirations and would have loved your Ogden Cami. You have put me on the hunt for some of that beautiful fabric!

Rayon crepe is great! Almost a good start to a poem there, haha. I have not tried to cut it on the bias yet, but given it’s properties I can see it working well!

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Helen, you did an amazing job with both your tops. Such great choices in fabrics and patterns. I don’t wear crop tops but my goodness, that green box top you drafted is gorgeous! You’ve got my wheels spinning and I may have to try a crop top but wear it with a high waisted skirt or pants. I chose a rayon crepe for the Tour also and I absolutely love the feel of it.

Thanks, Anita! I love your rayon crepe dress, it is so pretty!

I love both of these! I have a feeling I will be copying the ogden hack 🙂 It is so pretty! And I will say yes to the cropped boxy top! It’s fantastic!

Cute outfits! Love them all. Thanks for swapping with me Helen. That extra day was spent in my sewing room all day. Just posted mine on the PatternReview blog.

Hi Helen – I think that both your new tops are super cute. I would absolutely buy your pattern for the boxy top were you to make it available for sale, hint hint 🙂

Haha, thanks, Krista! It is always so great to gauge interest!

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Both of these are awesome!!

[…] Day 7 – Helen’s Closet […]

Hi Helen! I searched but didn’t see details on your Ogden adjustments. I have continued to be a little flummoxed by it. I definitely don’t get the relaxed fit that you achieved here – and looks so great on you! I did an FBA but dang it was significant! I think that lengthening the straps may help, as well. Anyway, if I missed it, I would love to read anything you put together on your process.

Hi hi! Thanks for checking it out! I basically cut the Ogden off around the waistline and added a gathered rectangle to the bottom of it. It is essentially the same thing as Kelli’s Ogden dress hack, just cropped to be a peplum top: I hope that helps!

I absolutely LOVE the Ogden hack. It looks so amazing on you! I hope you rock that MeMade often!

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