Wednesday Weekly #52

Wednesday Weekly #52

Posted by Helen | September 14, 2016 | Wednesday Weekly
Wednesday Weekly Helen's Closet

Happy Wednesday!  Thank you so much for all the awesome feedback about the Wednesday Weekly last week.  The feedback form is still open, if you didn’t get a chance to offer your thoughts. Everything said was so encouraging and positive, which was wonderful to hear.  The main suggestion was to include photographs of the makes from fellow sewists, and I completely agree that it would really enhance the weekly.  The issue with this is not copyright, as some might think.  Sharing images in the context of reporting and spreading the wealth of content and information available on the web is protected under ‘fair use’.  Provided you are not using someone else’s content to directly market your own products or services, and you are providing attribution, you should be safe within the context of reporting (of course, there can be exceptions made).

The issue with including photos is simply time.  I spend about 5 hours on the Wednesday Weekly each week, and it is definitely time well spent!  I love looking at all the blogs and bookmarking the things I want to include.  I also like that it encourages me to write regularly and to stay on top of all the patterns and news in the community.  That said, time is precious when you are balancing blogging, pattern making, full time job, and daily life. I am looking into figuring out a template I can use for the weekly so that including photos won’t add hours to the process of posting.  Those of you with blogs know just how long formatting can take!

In summary, I hope to include images in the future.  I also hope to expand my blog list to offer you new and exciting bloggers to check out and follow!  If you run a blog or know of a blog that you haven’t seen featured in the weekly, you can tell me about it here.

Wednesday Weekly Helen's Closet

News (clockwise from top left)

Sew House Seven released the very comfortable and cool looking Nehalem pants.

True Bias released the Mini Emerson patterm, a kids version of the Emerson Cropped Pant.

Victory patterns blew me away with the their latest kimono dress pattern, Trina.

Cashmerette released the Harrison Shirt, a classic button up with multiple princess seams which are ideal for fitting around a larger bust.

Blogless Anna released the Genoa Tote bag.  I love this simple and practical design!



These mini emerson shorts from Dandelion Drift are sooo cool!!  Love that fabric.

Kelli’s Ogden dress hack is amazing, I have this fabric, too, and I totally want to copy her!

This navy midi dress from Allie M Jackson is early autumn perfection.

The legend of the M6696 continues to build, check out this version from Creations Du Papillon.

This year’s refahsioners 2016 is turning out the COOLEST things!  This bomber jacket from Trish Stitched is no exception.

I am crazy about the stripe placement on this dress from Sunny Gal Studio.

Susie Homemaker has made the off-the-shoulder top to trump all off-the-shoulder tops.

Lindsay totally nailed it with this hummingbird kimono.  I am full of regret about not getting some of that fabric from Blackbird when I had the chance!

The shape on this pencil skirt from Lower Your Presser Foot is supreme.



Melly Sews shows us how to magically and seamlessly fix the back gap in our jeans!

Blog Comments

Here is my sewing/ craft blog In October, I will be hosting a doll clothing week.

Thank you!

Thanks so much for including my navy midi dress! I’ve just filled out the feedback form–I love the wednesday weekly and I appreciate how much time you put into making it great!

I love the round ups! I agree, photos would be lovely, but not at the expense of the time (the time you can spend sewing!!) I really appreciate the time you take to put into these round ups. Keep the inspiration coming!!

Hi! Thanks so much for including my off-the-shoulders top in your roundup! XO, Katrina

I get the thing about photos however as a blogger myself I think it’s really valuable to ensure that if readers are interested in checking out one of the makes you’ve mentioned, sending them over to the original site really helps that blogger to build their readership and potentially exposes your readers to a bunch of new blogs – which is fabulous for all of us!! I think you do an amazing job Helen and love reading your posts! Thanks for doing all the hard work and research for us!

Thanks, Natalie! I think you make an excellent point, I do want people to visit the other websites and not just look at one of the photos on my blog.

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