Pattern Test : Sew DIY Nita Wrap Skirt

Pattern Test : Sew DIY Nita Wrap Skirt

Posted by Helen | March 7, 2016 | My Makes
Sew DIY Nita Wrap Skirt by Helens Closet

Looking through all of my makes since I started this blog, there is an obviously neglected category and that is skirts.  I have only made two skirts and both were completed last summer (Sewaholic Hollyburn and Gertie’s Pencil Skirt), neither of which get a ton of wear I am sad to say.  I really like skirts but I have come to realize while working through the wardrobe architect that I only like wearing certain shapes and lengths *big surprise*, and almost none of my current skirts fit the bill.  I am planning to rectify this situation in the coming months by making skirts that I actually want to wear, starting with this Nita Wrap Skirt from Sew DIY!

This is a brand new, not yet released pattern and my version featured here is a pattern test.  Things may change between the pattern I tested and the final pattern that is released.  Any critiques of the pattern have been passed along to Beth at Sew DIY for review and all opinions expressed in the post are my own. The pattern was provided to me for free as compensation for being a pattern tester.

Sew DIY Nita Wrap Skirt by Helens ClosetSew DIY Nita Wrap Skirt by Helens ClosetSew DIY Nita Wrap Skirt by Helens Closet    Sew DIY Nita Wrap Skirt by Helens Closet

This is my first pattern test for a fellow blogger and I am really thrilled to participate in the process.  I think the Nita Wrap Skirt will be an instant favorite for many sewists because it is a quick project with plenty of opportunities for customization.  The pattern offers three lengths and three options for waist closures (button, tie, and d-rings).  I made the mini skirt length with the button closure for my test version.

Sew DIY Nita Wrap Skirt by Helens Closet Sew DIY Nita Wrap Skirt by Helens Closet     Sew DIY Nita Wrap Skirt by Helens Closet Sew DIY Nita Wrap Skirt by Helens Closet

As I mentioned above, the wardrobe architect has led me to discover certain things about my skirt preferences. I like skirts that are tight at the natural waist and flare out with some fullness or a simple A-line.  I do not like wearing pencil skirts (despite the fact that they are undoubtedly fabulous) and I prefer a smaller amount of fullness in a flare, like a 1/4 circle as opposed to a 1/2 or full circle.  The Nita Wrap Skirt is tight at the waist before skimming the hips and extending down in a slight A-line.  This mini length is an ideal skirt length for me, along with just-above-the-knee length and brushing-the-floor length.

Sew DIY Nita Wrap Skirt by Helens Closet Sew DIY Nita Wrap Skirt by Helens Closet     Sew DIY Nita Wrap Skirt by Helens Closet

It’s no secret that the 70’s style is back in a big way, and the Nita Wrap Skirt is a great pattern for emulating this look.  Depending on your fabric choice, this skirt can be casual (denim or corduroy), dressy (challis or crepe de chine), or business (wool or tweed).  I’m not sure exactly where my version falls on this spectrum, but I think it can be a little bit of all three depending on the styling.  This is good because it makes for a very versatile garment.

Sew DIY Nita Wrap Skirt by Helens Closet

Sew DIY Nita Wrap Skirt by Helens Closet

The fabric I chose (or more like it chose me) is a beautiful bright pink wool.  I was initially so taken with the wrong side of the fabric that I got all the way home before even seeing the right side and I was so torn about which one to use.  I went to my trusty Instagram following for advice and most people were very keen on the right side, but I got an awesome suggestion from @thegreenviolet to use both.  I fell in love with this idea and ran with it, so now I have the best of both worlds!  In some of the examples I found for inspiration before starting this skirt, there was a green version with a contrasting panel in the front.  I decided to go with this idea and use the right side of the fabric underneath the flap. Obviously I changed my mind in the process and ended up putting the right-side on top, it just seemed more balanced this way.  You will notice I also used the wrong side with the stripes running horizontally and the right side going vertically for even more contrast.  I cut the waistband to match the corresponding pieces underneath for consistency.

Sew DIY Nita Wrap Skirt by Helens Closet

Sew DIY Nita Wrap Skirt by Helens Closet

Sew DIY Nita Wrap Skirt by Helens Closet

Construction on this skirt is very simple and it did not take long to make (about 2 hours once the fabric was cut). I used french seams on the two exposed side seams.  I love that all the other seams are designed to be enclosed, it makes my life easier because I don’t have a serger.  There is also the option to line the skirt, but I wanted the cool stripes to be visible on the inside.  I got this sweet metal button from Button Button here in Vancouver, and on the other side of the wrap I used a sew-in snap. One thing that I really like about wrap skirts is they are so easy to put on!  Especially when pairing them with a tucked-in shirt, it is so much easier to wrap it around the shirt than pull it over top and have it get all bunched up.  It’s a small detail but I looove it 🙂

Sew DIY Nita Wrap Skirt by Helens Closet Sew DIY Nita Wrap Skirt by Helens Closet Sew DIY Nita Wrap Skirt by Helens Closet

In the end I think this skirt is very ‘me’ with it’s bright colours, stripes, shape and ideal length. It feels good to make something that fits my wardrobe so ideally and I hope to have many more successes like this in the future.  I will definitely make this skirt again, I am keen to make a denim version and maybe a faux-suede version as well, 70’s, here I come! Cudos to Beth from Sew DIY for another great pattern, you can check out her blog and shop here.  One of her other patterns, the Lou Box Top, is also included in the Spring Indiesew collection, check that out for a sweet deal on Spring patterns.  Keep an eye out for the Nita Wrap Skirt pattern release!

What is your skirt style?  Do you have trouble making things that are an ideal fit for you?

Update! This pattern has now been released, you can get it here 🙂


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I tested this skirt, too (blog post coming soon!) and I also loved it. Up next, I’m thinking a denim one, or maybe eyelet. I really love what you did with the contrasting panels — great idea executed well!

Thanks so much! I can’t wait to see your version 🙂

I love what you did with the contrasting panels! The skirt is very beautiful 🙂


This looks so cool, I love the way you also reversed the stripe directions! Its such a unique piece! It looks great the way you styled it 🙂

Thanks, Megan! I love the way it looks with the leather jacket 🙂

Love the contrasting colors!
It’s a hit! Such a great idea!


Love seeing more photos of your finished Nita! The contrast panels are such a clever way to make use of your fabric!

I’ve just blogged about my test version B – onto making a second one as well, but this time a mini like yours! It’s a great pattern isn’t it? 🙂 x

Thanks!! I am totally crushing on your version, I love polka dots!!!

Great skirt. Fabulous outfit!

Thank you!!!

Love it! Love the contrasting panels, and the way you styled it! Posting mine tomorrow, really love this pattern.

Thank you! I am excited to see yours 🙂

It looks so so good on you, and your photos are great! Love the way you have played with the fabric!

Thank you so much! This was my most risky photoshoot yet, standing in the middle of the road, lol! #worthit

[…]  There are three lengths as well as three closures to choose from. I had the pleasure of testing the mini skirt version and I absolutely adore it.  This skirt can be lined or […]

Thank you for sharing your skirt and the pattern. I love the way you used the stripes. 🙂

[…] the pleasure of pattern testing the Nita Wrap Skirt for Beth from Sew DIY a while back, and I love my test version.  I wear it all the time because it is easy to put on (yupp, that actually factors in some […]

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