Wednesday Weekly #22

Wednesday Weekly #22

Posted by Helen | January 20, 2016 | Wednesday Weekly
Wednesday Weekly #22

Hi makers!  January is flying by for me, I hope it has been a productive month so far for you as well.  I’ve been working on my first wardrobe architect (late to the party as always) and it has been a really cool experience so far, I think I’ve got a much clearer vision of what I’d like to make in 2016.  Of course my perception is a bit skewed due to the winter weather, I surely do no wear only tights and oversized sweaters all year long as my sketches indicate. Hoping my week in Mexico will clear some things up for me!

Wednesday Weekly #22


The 2015 Vintage Pledge is over, and the winners have been announced over on A Stitching Odyssey.  You can also peruse all the makes on pinterest – there are some real showstoppers!



This Deer and Doe Brume Skirt by Pauline Alice is so pretty!  I absolutely adore that colour.

Hanne made a suit for her friend Aya and it is amazing!

Liz’s vintage dress in red and white polka dots is super adorable.

I love the scalloped edge on this skirt by By Clo’th.

Drew made four Granger Book Bags – Four!  I am incredibly impressed and I love all the patterns and colours he chose.

This Victoria blazer and Davie dress combo from Freja is stunning.  How pretty is that blue colour against that snowy scene?  



Eryn made a DIY box pleated skirt this week and you can watch her video tutorial on how to make the skirt and her other video on how to insert the zipper.

Great tips on sewing with lace over on the Curvy Sewing Collective this week. That dress turned out beautifully!



Not entirely sure if this counts as inspiration but I laughed out loud at Melissa’s Husbands’ new years resolutions for sewing.

Have a great week everybody!

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Blog Comments

Wow, thank you for mentioning me here!
i’m afraid but my name is FreJa 😀 I dont know why but people often write it with the y, so don’t worry you’re not the first.
How did you find me? I never thought anyone who’s not german or at least speaks german will visit my blog.
Oh and I’m sorry if my english sounds weird, I am not good in writing or talking english, because mostly I just read and read and read.

Alles Liebe, Freja.

Sorry, Freja! I have updated your name in my post. I love your blog! That dress and jacket combo is amazing. I can’t remember how I found your blog, maybe through Bloglovin’. I don’t read German so I have to read your blog using Google Translate, which can be kind of broken, haha.

Hihi, yes google translate is funny, sometimes it’s just nonsense 😀
I feel very good, hearing you love my blog and if you have questions feel free to ask and I’ll do my best to answer them (:
At work I read english all the time but when it comes to write something I just can’t connect the words and get the grammar right, It feels really weird, hehe 😀 I should work on that, everyone keeps telling me how important english is.
However I will come back to your blog to see your Cascade Duffle Coat – I’m planning to make one too!

Hi, Helen! Thanks so much for referencing my skirt tutorial! I appreciate it!

Hi Helen,

Thank you for mentioning me in your post! I’m glad you did, cause now I know about your blog! Always nice to meet new to me sewists! You’ll see me around!

Hi Hanne! I love your blog, thanks for following mine 🙂

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