Granger Book Bag View A

Granger Book Bag View A

Posted by Helen | October 5, 2015 | Pattern News
FREE Granger Book Bag PDF Pattern by Helen's Closet

A few weeks ago I announced the upcoming release of the Granger Book Bag PDF Pattern.  This pattern is FREE and you can download it here.

You will receive updates about the Granger Book Bag and ideas and inspiration for your own Granger.  The pattern is scheduled to be released on November 23rd, and I will be doing a sewalong in December so you can make a Granger as a Holiday gift.


In my last post I made Granger Bag view B with it’s messenger bag style flap.  This week I made view A.  Both bags have the same interior structure, including a zipper pocket on one side and a kangaroo pocket on the other.  The Granger bag comes with a pattern piece for the strap, so you can make it out of fabric.  You can also use webbing, as I have done with this version, the choice is yours!

Granger Book Bag PDF Pattern by Helen's Closet     Granger Book Bag PDF Pattern by Helen's ClosetFREE Granger Book Bag PDF Pattern by Helen's Closet

The fabric I chose for this Granger is canvas, it offers a nice strong outer layer and adds to the bag’s structure. I interfaced the canvas with Pellon 808 interfacing, which is quite stiff – this bag can practically stand up on it’s own.  You can use any stiffness of interfacing you like on your Granger, depending on how malleable you want it to be.

Granger Book Bag PDF Pattern by Helen's Closet Granger Book Bag PDF Pattern by Helen's Closet     Granger Book Bag PDF Pattern by Helen's Closet

I love when I get the chance to use a fun pattern for a lining, there is something about opening up a bag or jacket and seeing a fun print or bright colour.  It is akin to seeing a peek of a colorful sock under a dress pant, it makes me so happy!  For this bag I chose orange because it is a complementary colour to the turquoise on the outside.  There is also turquoise in the pattern, so it ties in really nicely.  As with view B, I used the outer bag fabric for the pocket lining and kangaroo pocket.

 Granger Book Bag PDF Pattern by Helen's Closet

Next I will be making Sam a Granger Bag!  He has chosen a darker colour palette and a plaid interior lining.  He wants a flap for his version, so I am making him view B.


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Looks great Helen!

I can’t wait until you release the pattern and I can sew my own! So versatile !

Thanks Drew 🙂 Im glad you are excited about it!

[…] my last few versions (featured above – view them here, here, and here), I have made a slight adjustment to the pattern.  The strap is now made from two […]

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