Woven Hudson Pant Hack

Woven Hudson Pant Hack

Posted by Helen | October 2, 2015 | My Makes
Hudson Pants by Helen's Closet

Is anyone else thrilled about how popular elastic waisted pants have become recently?  You simply can’t get more comfortable than loose pants, except for maybe leggings…or no pants!  I think the styling of looser pants has been taken to new heights in the past year, and I am all for this casual look.  

Hudson Pants by Helen's Closet     Hudson Pants by Helen's Closet
Hudson Pants by Helen's ClosetHudson Pants by Helen's Closet

For my pants *cough* secret pyjamas *cough*, I used a rayon fabric with just a hint of stretch.  The pants are based on the Hudson Pant by True Bias.  I followed Kelli’s instructions for making a woven version, since the original pattern is designed for knits.  I kept the pockets in and I added 4 inches to the top of the pants because I wanted to have a dropped crotch seam.  In my haste I didn’t stop to consider how adding to the top of the pants would effect the pocket, so the result is very low and very shallow pockets.  I actually like the look of them and I can drape my hands into them which is nice, but they are a bit to shallow for storing goodies. 

Hudson Pants by Helen's Closet Hudson Pants by Helen's Closet

This fabric is a bit strange, it has a texture almost similar to suede, but it is very lightweight and it also has a subtle stripe.  I bought it mainly because I love this olive green colour, but with the striped pattern I was having trouble deciding what to do with it. Then, I was thinking about my need for more pants *cough* secret pyjamas *cough* to wear, and it seemed like a good fit.  

Hudson Pants by Helen's ClosetHudson Pants by Helen's Closet Hudson Pants by Helen's Closet

I had a little trouble with getting the grain straight while cutting this fabric, so the side seams are a bit wonky.  I dont think it is actually that noticeable though.  I think these would be super cute in a print as well, I love Kelli’s version.

Hudson Pants by Helen's Closet     Hudson Pants by Helen's Closet
Hudson Pants by Helen's Closet
Hudson Pants by Helen's ClosetHudson Pants by Helen's Closet

I made these as part of Sewing Indie Month, for the pattern hacking category.  If you would like to make this hack, you can follow Kelli’s tutorial and if you like the dropped crotch, simply add length to the pants at the top.  Vote for me from October 5th to the 11th at this link, I am really hoping to win the pattern workshop course so I can start making patterns.   Happy sewing!



Final Stats:

Total project time:  Approximately 2 hours

Fabric: 2 meters of rayon

Pattern: Hudson Pant by True Bias 

Adjustments: Graded up 4 sizes for a loose fit and added 4 inches to the top of the pants.


Blog Comments

These look great! I love the colour! I made a pair of woven hudsons too and I agree, totally secret pajamas! I really like how you’ve styled them here too!

Thanks Heather!

These are awesome- great fabric choice, both the color and drape! I made some stretch chambray Hudsons and they really are the most comfy…

Right?!? So comfortable, I want to wear them everyday… Love the chambray versions!

Hello Helen! I love your pants! I’m with you – I love easy comfortable, elastic waist skirts and pants. Glad they’re back in style.
Anyhow, I’m also contacting you to congratulate you on your Pattern Hacking win for SIM. I have recently been put in charge of getting you your prizes. Can you contact me so I can get you hooked up? Congrats again!

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