Wednesday Weekly #1

Wednesday Weekly #1

Posted by Helen | July 29, 2015 | Wednesday Weekly
Hornby Island

How’s the week treating you lovely folks?  I hope the weather is a nice where you are as it is in Vancouver!  Sam and I are gearing up to go on holiday next week to Hornby island here in BC.  It is a cherished family vacation spot that I have been going to every summer for the last 20 years. I like to think of it as a second new year of sorts, I get all inspired to make positive changes and i’ll get loads of time to process all my ideas for the blog. Here’s a shot from a past Hornby trip, there are some amazing rock formations on the island that are so much fun to explore.

Hornby Island

There were so many beautiful makes this past week.  Here are a few of my faves:

Tasia made another Bluet dress, and she made bravely made it in linen!  It looks amazing, I seriously gotta try this pattern.  I haven’t made any Deer & Doe patterns yet, mainly because it’s impossible to pick one!

Katie made a simplified version of the Aster Shirt by Colette Patterns. She always inspires me to make exactly what I want, not just what the pattern has to offer.  Not to mention this fabric is to die for.

I was so excited by the Alexandria Peg Trousers made by Cut Cut Sew.  I have some rayon that I’ve been thinking would make great loosely tapered pants – definitely going to check out this pattern from Named.

Heather Lou’s Sallie Jumpsuit and Maxi Dress pattern was a huge hit with the blogging community. Check out some of the amazing makes in her Sallie Roundup.

I swooned over Ada Spragg’s skirt of a thousand pleats…that is, wishing I had the patience to make something like that.  I love the styling of her whole ensemble, it is absolute perfection.

Novita made some pretty sweet culottes from the Merchant & Mills Workbook (I need to get me one of these!).

Seeing as I’m in the middle of my Bombshell Swimsuit, Heather B’s breakdown of her swimsuit sewing adventure both inspired and scared me.  I’m basically doing all the same wrong things that she did (not muslin-ing, sewing under a time constraint), so hopefully my suit looks 1/2 as good as hers does.  Lets face it, we are our own worst critics about body image and sewing skills.  I loved her candidness about her hate for the beach and her bad swimsuit memories.  She still looks super sexy and amazing in both these suits and everyone is jelly, for reals.  Check out the bombshell swimsuit pattern from Closet Case Files if you haven’t already.

Lastly, Julie made the cutest cat Brumby!  I love that she chose a more flowy fabric for her Brumby, it really made me want to give this pattern a go.

Learning Opportunities
Karen did a post on split bust darts, something I have yet to try.  I agree that the one-giant-dart method can have some seriously pointy boob results.

Maddie wrote a great post about sway-back adjustments for underwear (and presumably could be applied to swimsuits too).

New Discovery

This week I discovered the fantastic Xerea Dress Pattern by Pauline Alice.  It never caught my eye before, but when I say it on Sonja’s Blog I was so taken by it.  As if to encourage me, Pauline Alice made a tutorial the other day for the Xerea pocket.  Just think of all the crazy prints I can whip this up in!

Now I get to spend the week with my beloved pup!  Have a great week and happy sewing.

Gypsy Dog


Blog Comments

What a great round up and overview of some of the exciting things going on in the sewing world! So many am-a-zing people out there making amazing things and sharing their talents with internets.

Of course these latest makes are great, but you pointed me in the direction of a couple of things that have really made an impression: this bluet ( how cute is that? the Sewtionary ( which seems like something I need, and the very different sewist (wo)Manifestos that are the About sections for Ada Spragg ( and Madalynne (

So cool!
Thanks for sharing.

I’m so glad you enjoyed it! I agree, it is so awesome how many people are out there making things and sharing their knowledge just for folks like us to appreciate. I hope to make this a weekly segment, let me know when you find a cool blog or resource and I can include it in the roundup 🙂

[…] Weekly roundup! Its been just about 2 years since I started the Wednesday weekly back in 2o15 (you can check out the very first one here). My goal from the beginning was to create a news resource for the sewing community where you can […]

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