Blackwood Cardigan Sewalong
Posted by Helen | 27/03/2017 | Blackwood Cardigan Sewalong

Are you ready to cut out your Blackwoods today?  I am so excited about the fabric I got for the sewalong, it is a speckled grey terry and it is really nice and soft. I think this will definitely be my new favourite sweater! I chose this fabric for the sewalong because it has a clear right and wrong side, so it will be easier for you to follow along. I am going to be making view A for the demo, so you can see the pocket construction. If you are making view B, all the steps are the same...

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Style Maker Fabrics Spring Tour
Posted by Helen | 25/03/2017 | Into My Closet

I’m very excited to share a special post with you all today! I jumped at the chance to join in the Style Maker Fabrics spring tour when Michelle asked me because I have used her fabrics before and was very happy with the quality and service. Style Maker Fabrics is an American based fabric store with a huge selection of fabrics to suit all your sewing needs. Michelle is super sweet and helpful, which is always a bonus when you are shopping online for textiles! If you have any questions, she is always there to help.  I have used her...

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How to do a narrow or broad shoulder adjustment

Today is the fourth installment in the Blackwood Cardigan Sewalong!  We are going to wrap up the adjustments portion of the process today with narrow and broad shoulder adjustments.  Tomorrow we will be cutting out the fabric and moving on to the actual sewing! If you want to join in the fun, you can grab your copy of the Blackwood here! Do you need a narrow or broad shoulder adjustment?  The indications for this change can be subtle. First, identify where your natural shoulder is. It should be right where your arm meets your shoulder socket, and you can usually find...

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how to do a full bicep adjustment

Today is the third installment in the Blackwood Cardigan Sewalong! In case you missed the first few posts, we have covered how to grade between sizes, how to do a quick 'cheater' full bust adjustment, and how to do a 'full' full bust adjustment, both on a bodice without any darts. Now, we are going to cover how to adjust the width of the sleeve for larger arms. This is called a full bicep adjustment. The Blackwood Cardigan has slim sleeves designed for layering under jackets and giving a nice, close fit. Because the pattern is designed for fabrics with plenty of...

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Indie Sewing News
Posted by Helen | 22/03/2017 | Wednesday Weekly

Hallelujah, it's spring!!!  There is nothing like the changing of the seasons to inspire reflection, planning, and inspiration for creativity!  I can't wait to dive into my stash of lightweight florals that I have ignored for the past 5 months.  What to make first!? I've got a million ideas and no plan at this point, but I think that is a good place to be.  What will be your first spring make? News (clockwise from top left) Sew Over It released the Kimono Jacket. Hey June released the Trevi top and dress and I am smitten!! Ohhhlulu is updating some...

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full bust adjustment no darts

Today is the second post in a 2 part series on doing full bust adjustments on patterns without any darts.  For the first post, we covered a quick and dirty 'cheater' method that works well for small full bust adjustments. Today, we will be covering how to do a proper slash and spread full bust adjustment, even when the pattern does not have any darts. This post is part of a sewalong for the Blackwood Cardigan. You can grab your copy of the Blackwood here. Do you need a full bust adjustment? The first thing we need to do is...

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