Wednesday Weekly #82
Posted by Helen | 26/04/2017 | Wednesday Weekly

Happy Fashion Revolution week, makers! I am taking some time this week to think about my fashion habits and their impact on the world. How can I improve my sewing practice to waste less and recycle more? Where is the balance between having fun with clothes and style and a minimalist wardrobe of practical, functional pieces?  Can I truly participate in slow fashion at the rate I sew and produce garments? While making your own clothes is a great step forward, where does the fabric come from? With all these questions comes some strong feelings of guilt and shame, and that is...

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Wednesday Weekly #81
Posted by Helen | 19/04/2017 | Wednesday Weekly

Happy Wednesday! I hope you all had a fun and relaxing long weekend for Easter!  I spent a sunny afternoon replanting my container garden wearing shorts. SHORTS! It was so nice and now I have all the necessary herbs for summer cooking and mojito making. I know it snowed in the colder parts of Canada this week, so to those of you who have not yet seen the light of Spring, hang in there!!  It is coming soon, promise.  In the meantime, here is some spring sewing inspiration to distract you :). News (clockwise from top left) Closet Case Files...

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Cascade Duffle Vest
Posted by Helen | 18/04/2017 | Into My Closet

This post has been on my ‘to blog’ list for so long!!  I finished this make back in January, and I was feeling that it was too cold-weather specific for this time of year, but then I realized it is so perfect for Easter! I literally look like an easter egg in it, so how could I not share? I got the idea in my head that I wanted a puffy vest for the cooler months, but I’m not crazy about the sportier, nylon versions out there.  I wanted a wool one with lots of ‘puff’ and great pockets, those...

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Indie Sewing News
Posted by Helen | 12/04/2017 | Wednesday Weekly

Happy Wednesday, makers!  It has been a very eventful week so far! The company I work for got acquired this week and our small team of 7 is joining forces with a team of 2000! I am very happy for new opportunities and experiences - big things lie ahead! Soon we will be moving offices and I will have a 'smart casual' dress code. No more yoga pants at work for me!  I usually dress very casual at work, so I may be in need of some more business appropriate blouses and trousers now - expect more of that on the blog...

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Christine Haynes Ellsworth Coat
Posted by Helen | 10/04/2017 | Into My Closet

I have always been totally smitten with making outerwear. Back in 2014 when I first fell down the rabbit hole of indie patterns, I was obsessed with the Minoru Jacket and decided to tackle it as my first big sewing project in years. It was a challenge, to say the least, but I felt so good after it was complete. I was ready to sew anything!  Jackets and coats do take more time and supplies than the average project, but in the end, you get to wear your make proudly and nobody will ever guess you made it. Making a...

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Wednesday Weekly
Posted by Helen | 05/04/2017 | Wednesday Weekly

Happy Wednesday! I am feeling much better this week and my sew-jo is back in full swing. I got it flowing again after cutting out my m6696 pattern that I have been meaning to sew for about two years. It felt so good to finally get going on this project and I am feeling the excitement for spring and summer sewing! I always get a little over ambitious at the start of the season so I am trying to focus on a few key items this time. Have you started to plan your spring/summer sewing? News (clockwise from top left) Orange Lingerie...

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