The Inspiration for the Blackwood Cardigan

The Inspiration for the Blackwood Cardigan

Posted by Helen | March 3, 2017 | Blackwood Cardigan Sewalong, Pattern News
Blackwood Cardigan Inspiration

I’ll be the first to admit that my motivation for designing the Blackwood Cardigan was purely selfish. I really wanted a layering cardigan with extra long arms and a nice, open front. Too often I put on cardigans for some extra warmth but struggle to get my jacket on over top. I like the grandpa cardigan style sometimes, but it can make me feel a bit frumpy. I also prefer cardigans without added fabric in the front, so my carefully planned outfit doesn’t get buried. Of course, pockets were also a must, and thus the Blackwood Cardigan design was born!

Blackwood Cardigan Inspiration
Sources (Clockwise from top left):  one  |   two   |   three   |   four  

I started with View A when designing, and looked at lots of great inspiration pics in the process. One thing I wanted to make sure of is that this design would be appropriate for lighter knits. Layering pieces should transcend seasons and be appropriate in many climates and conditions. Light cardigans also pack up small and can be life-savers to have in your purse for movie theaters or other cooler environments. Check out some of the imagery I gathered during my design phase.

Blackwood Cardigan Inspiration

Sources (in rows from top to bottom):  one  |   two   |   three   |   four   |   five   |  six   


View B of the Blackwood Cardigan is the answer to so many mornings spent struggling to find something to wear to work. I own many tanks and sleeveless blouses that work great in the warmer months, but when it comes to cooler days they get pushed to the back of the closet.  NO MORE! Now I have this short, simple layering piece to add over any pretty blouse. It feels cozy yet polished all at once, who could ask for more? Here are some inspiration pics for this view of the pattern:

Blackwood Cardigan Inspiration

Sources (in rows from top to bottom):  one  |   two   |   three   |   four   |   five   |  six   

I hope you enjoyed seeing the design inspiration behind the Blackwood! I really enjoyed developing this design into a pattern that can be enjoyed for years to come.

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It’s awesome to see the what inspired you to create the Blackwood. It’s such a great pattern! I’m looking forward to more versions on Instagram soon!

I have so many of these exact images saved onto my pinterest core style board! No wonder I fell in love with the design right away. It is amazing!

Congrats on a very cool new pattern… Just what I needed!

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